Are Electric Scooters Awesome is good or bad

Are Electric Scooters Awesome is good or bad

The first is the San Francisco people who dabble electric scooters in all sorts of ways they can not imagine. Now, LA people are frustrated by setting their car in the fire and throwing them into the ocean, garbage cans and also bathrooms.

The E-scooter fleet can overcome the problem of the last mile without any danger and no doubt what your vehicle will stumble.

However, the emergence of an e-scooter fleet sharing has created many problems for cities and people who are frustrated about how to use e-scooters. It is time to evaluate the pros and cons of the scooter scooter and see where the industry is forged.

The e-scuter fleet procedures

For end users, the benefits of proof. It’s a perfect way to make it easy for close range operations. Everyone who needs an e-app scooter rental is an app, and you can leave almost every, if you follow the guide to using and parking the e-scuter.

Unfortunately, we already know that scooters are often left on a random board, blocking the inland path. Using the e-scuter is also quite cheap – costs around $ 1 per trip plus 15 cents per minute.

Furthermore, dwarf trains are better and better for the environment than other modes of transport that open up fossil fuels.

For potential fleet operators, the key advantage is the fast-paced dollar-billion-dollar industry and a variety of opportunities to scale quickly.

According to Anand Sanwal, Chief Technology Officer of Data and Technology Analysis, CEO CB Insights, “There are trends such as trains and changes to living in urban areas that also claim that market markets for birds and other attacks have been numerous.”

Second, according to one of the Bird investors, Mark Suster, as an e-scooter operator, you get a lot of important data by keeping track of vehicles and where people are choosing and leaving e-scooters. This can also help the city to build better cities.

Third, as a fleet owner you will be able to create new opportunities to earn money. Birds, Jeruk and others provide an opportunity to increase income by collecting e-scooters at night.

In addition to making money, this person will be part of an innovation movement that encourages the industry to develop e-scooters better with batteries, as this is a major problem today.

Finally, an e-scooter is not just a game for brooch technology and hipsters. According to a new study on the progress of new micro mobility, including scooter e-scooters, the majority (70 percent) of people in the US are looking at electric scooters positively.

And women are interested in supporting and using scooter scooters higher than arms, which are more widely used by people.

The study did not say why, but this Wired article states that e-e scooters are easier to ride on shoes and skirts.

Also, e-scooter scooter looks easier to operate, safer and does not require the workforce. This inventor re-creates the huge potential of the merger e-scuter market.

Overload e-scooter

As mentioned earlier, the e-scooter fleet is far from perfect and the main danger is very fast. There is a race there that can divert the market first, most likely there is a company. This can lead to unreliable hardware and software solutions.

To launch a trusted fleet, you need to use every component of the e-scooter fleet chain.

Too much danger is to push away from cities. So far, cities are not forbidden to use scooters, but also some of the worries and the process approval takes several years. Frustration in San Francisco directs a city lawyer to say, “San Francisco has enough spells – moving quickly and destroying everything.”

The ruling cities in the common areas can be filled with an e-skrup scandal, as has happened with e-bikers in China. We’ve seen big players such as Ofo and Mobike attracting bicyclists in Washington, D.C because of city rules. What about scooters?

At present, there is a problem with e-scuter confidence with short battery life and attacking with a bad look and color.

In fact, the e-scooter fleet should be simple weather conditions and very vulnerable in bad areas.
Finally, singing into an e-sc scooter.

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